Project Duration: 175 hrs


Slagora is a Full stack Slack based voting application built on top of the Play Framework backed by Scala and JavaScript. The current application uses play 2.7.5 which is quite outdated. We would love to develop a DSL for messages between Slack and Slagora, upgrade the application to use the newer Slack API, update to a newer version of Play and move the frontend code to either React or Angular.


  • Update application to Play 2.9
  • Update to new Slack API
  • Develop DSL for Slagora-Slack interaction
  • Update frontend to use either React or Angular frameworks
  • Update to new Slack API

Required Skills:

  • Scala
  • Play Framework
  • OAUTH2 authentication
  • Slack API
  • Angular or React development


  1. Bomen Derick
  2. Abanda Ludovic