Social Street Smart

Project Duration: 350 hrs

With the adevent of Internet, the problems faced by the people have also grown. These include abusive languages, fake news articles, click-baits, malicious websites and security attacks. The aim of this project is to develop a Chrome Extension to make Internet a safer and a more productive service for the users.


From previous works, our APIs were ported to AWS lambda making it easier to scale and deploy, but there is room for improvements and we invite creative ideas for ensuring the uptime of all our APIs. Improving our ML models is one other task that aspirants can work on.

We are also open for new feature proposals mainly on the following tasks: Extending our work to other languages and Automated fact-checking of claims and checkers preventing malicious attacks.

Last year,security header checkers were introduced, Aspirants can also work on improving or coming up with new innovative ideas to improve them.

Aspirant must have to work on migrating to chrome extension manifest version 3.


  • Use of bloom filters to check urls to improve accuracy
  • Publish the extension on various platforms
  • Update existing issues (If any) in codebase due to changes in social media sites

Required Skills:

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Machine Learning/DL
  • Natural Language Processing


Divyanshu Singh Harsh Mishra